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Floating Chiang Mai

By Blue Float

Float away.........

into Bliss

Imagine the feeling of floating on a cloud effortlessly while being supported by a liquefied bed of minerals blended to produce the most profound relaxation experience you've ever felt.

In the absence of gravity, stress and tension on your body, you drift off into a state of pure bliss.


Our mission at Blue Floating Chiang Mai is to help you unwind, to become more relaxed and to be more connected to yourself and your potential. A great tool for this is Floating (or Floatation therapy). For a long time though floating (or sensory deprevation therapy) was just for the happy few (as it was very expensive). But with creativity, labor, persistence and love we are happy and excited to offer you the experience of Floating therapy, the ultimate relaxation, for an affordable price at Blue Float Chiang Mai Thailand.  

We have designed our Float Room (yes Float room, not Tank) to give you a great floating experience. In our super large, comfy bathtub (not covered by a top) you will have enough space (so not hitting any sides) to stretch out and to float free from gravity and distraction. You are able to relax in a meditative state, to be free of sensation from the outside world and float away into Bliss. 

With scientific research and studies continuing to show the positive effects of floatation therapy, the huge list of benefits helps you get both temporary relief from pain or stress and long-term results that can be life changing

What is floating?
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"Floatation therapy = The Ultimate relaxation". Floating without any effort, free from gravity, experience a completely relaxed state of being. You are weightless with no pressures on any part of your body.  


The float room can be thought of as being like a giant private bathtub, which holds 30cm of water and 350kg of Epsom salts creating a solution more buoyant than the Dead Sea. Epsom salt is a natural, pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate; 2 of the most important minerals in our body.

The relaxing environment of quiet and darkness (or low light) reduces sensory input, allowing the brain to stop processing, and gives your mind restorative rest.

This zero-gravity environment of the Floating relieves pressure on muscles and joints, and increases blood flow to help repair tissue and heal the body from the effects of stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise.

The water, warmed to skin temperature, makes it virtually impossible to distinguish between parts of the body that are in the water, and those that aren’t — enjoy the experience of weightlessness.

While in this state of relaxation your brain gradually shifts from its waking beta state to generate deep alpha, theta or even delta waves. A state of mind that is normally achieved from years of training in meditation, but which is now also achievable through floating therapy.

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Benefits of Floating

Floating therapy, or sensory deprivation therapy, is a remarkable way to achieve profound relaxation, rejuvenation, mental clarity and spiritual well-being.


With Floating therapy you are in an Epsom salt solution that is more buoyant than the Dead Sea, your body can feel deep relief from stress. Once the pressure of the world is literally off of its shoulders, knees, and back, that freedom from gravity can allow your body to be relieved of so much more:

  • Pain management and Pain reduction

  • Lowers heart rate + Decreases blood pressure

  • Lowering the levels of stress-related chemicals in the body

  • Muscle recovery 4 times quicker with Floating, so great in Athletic training

  • Muscle and joint repair and recovery post injury

  • Spinal health (decompresses the spine)

  • Boast immune function

With Floatation Therapy you effortlessly slip into meditative states, which has so many proven benefits. You’ll feel intensely awake, yet extremely relaxed and clear-headed. Floating therapy also promotes deepened awareness and the ability to be completely in the moment. It can be a meditative experience with the ability to shift brain waves to a lower frequency Theta state, associated with deep relaxation, visualization, and creativity.

  • Rapid stress release and reducing anxiety

  • Arriving at a deep state of relaxation 

  • Boast problem solving and improves creativity   

  • Gain mental clarity during and after the floating

  • Energy boost (called the afterglow) after the float

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Pricing and Packages

At Blue Floating Chiang Mai, we have one float room with a build-in open air float tank. The Tank is a very spacious bathtub which is not covered by a top. In our super large, comfy bathtub you will have enough space (so not hitting any sides) to stretch out and to float without feeling claustrophobic (which sometimes closed tank give). The tank room has a separate shower. After the float you will receive a refreshing drink and you can relax and enjoy the after float in our beautiful garden.

All you need to bring is an open mind, everything else is provided; fresh clean towels, silicone earplugs, Vaseline sachets, cotton buds, organic shampoo conditioner, and body lotion.

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Single floats

Single Float (60 minutes)  -  1.000 Baht
(for a first time Float we recommend a 60 minutes Float) 

Single Float (90 minutes)  -  1.350 Baht

Time slots Float





New to floating? click here to read how to prepare

Bundle of Floats 

Double Bundle  -   1.700 Baht

(Includes 2 * (60 minutes) floats,
save 300 Baht)

Triple bundle    -   2.400 Baht

(Includes 3 * (60 minutes) floats,
save 600 Baht)

Multi bundle     -   4.000 Baht  

Includes 5 * (60 minutes) floats
save 1.000 Baht

All bundles can be shared 
and are valid for 6 months

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Our signature wellness packages

Blue Foating Chiang Mai is an initiative of Blue Garden Yoga Chiang Mai. And as we closely work together we can offer you wellness packages which are unique in Chiang Mai. Our packages consist of different services and when they are combined they become more effective. See these packages as a present to yourself, to your physical health and mental well being. Different combinations, 3 packages (different combination of Floating, Infrared Sauna and Yoga) are possible.  

A great combination: after a challenging Yoga session your body and mind are more ready to relax deeply and entering a state of Deep Shavasana. As a bonus you body is more readily to absorb the healing properties of the Epson Salt 

You will join the 9 am Yoga Group lesson at Blue Garden as this lesson will be physically challenging it will not be suited for people who are completely out of shape;

08.45   Checking in at Blue Float

09.00   Vinyasa Yoga

10.15   60 minutes Floatation therapy 

11.20   Relax in our Garden while enjoying a delicious Smoothy/Coconut

Price: 1 day 1.200 Baht

Package 1: Deep Shavasana
Flow Yoga + Float + Relaxing in Garden
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Duration 2 hours

30 Minutes: Infrared Sauna.

15 Minutes: Relaxing plus fresh coconut

60 Minutes: Floating

20 minutes: Relaxing in garden with delicious Smoothy

Price: 1.300 Baht

Package 2: Lazy Shavasana
Infrared Sauna + Float + Relaxing in Garden

We all know how relax we feel after a sauna and are ready to take a little nap. Imagine that you take your nap in the Floatation tank.

Our infrared sauna is more gentle and more deep it will penetrate deep into your body, up to 45mm., where it can work on deep tissue and organs. When you body is open and relaxed you will enter our Floatation Tank, where you will sink in a deep state of relaxation and your body is open to receive the benefits of the Epson salt.    

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One of the best treats you can give yourself, a challenging Yoga session, when you are body is loose and open, you have a nice deep sweat in our Infrared Sauna while the infrared heart is helping regenerate your body. Then when you body and mind are ready to let go completely, taking a 60 minute Flaot and sink away in the ultimate Bliss.

You will join the 9 am Yoga Group lesson at Blue Garden as this lesson will be physically challenging it will not be suited for people who are completely out of shape

08.45   Checking in at Blue Float

09.00   Vinyasa Yoga (60 minutes)
10.15   Infrared Sauna (30 minutes)
10.45   Relaxing + fresh coconut
11.00   60 minutes Floatation therapy 

12.00   Relax in our Garden while enjoying a delicious Smoothy/Coconut

Price: 1 day 1.500 Baht

Package 3: Ultimate Shavasana
Flow Yoga + Infrared Sauna+ Float + Relaxing in Garden
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