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Yoga Chiang Mai

By Blue Float

Move, breathe, Enjoy

Daily Yoga lessons in Chiang Mai
All lessons are cancelled for now

At Blue Garden Chiang Mai (same location as Blue Float) we are offer daily yoga classes, with some of the best yoga classes offered in Chiang Mai and the best package deals in Chiang Mai. It will give you the opportunity to have high quality teaching yoga on a daily basis for a really good price. For in depth information you can check the website of Blue Garden Yoga Chiang Mai here.

Our packages

1 lesson       200 Baht

10 lessons    1.400 Baht (can be shared with a friend)

1 week          950 Baht (access to 11 lessons in High season)

1 Month (unlimited) 2000 Baht

Our Chiang Mai Yoga Schedule (All lessons are cancelled for now)

Monday-Saturday: 9.00am Vinyasa flow

Monday-Friday : 19.00  Hatha Yoga (not Wednesdays)

Sunday: 10.00am  Vinyasa Flow

Handstand workshop; Every Saturday a 3.30 (400 Baht)

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